August 19th 2013

wow! i honestly thought that this would be some what easy to do.

Some people have a gift of Gab, but putting pen to paper is not that easy any more, lol maybe it’s the fact that  typing keys is a little more Alien to me than pen to paper, or could it be that my mind is just not willing to work , yes i am a beginner and no matter how many blogs i read and get great ideas, my mind is saying nothing while my fingers just type away words.

I wanted to Blog , not for the fact that every one else does it , but to some what be involved, at my age it’s best to keep up with some of the technical java that is around. I don’t want to be one of those oldies that sits around and doesn’t even know how to turn on a laptop or how to use an iPhone, or how to download music,” look at me i’m some what savvy”.

I will get this Blogging somehow, it’s just a matter of time. Words will come .


Just getting Started

August 18th 2013

With internet at hand and a creative mind i should be able to come up with something. Every one is telling me ” you should create a blog, or write about it”. That all said, it’s easier said than done.

Physical work is easier than having to sit down and start typing something that every one might have some interest in, but i suppose once i get the hang of this Blogging it might come a little easier.