August 19th 2013

wow! i honestly thought that this would be some what easy to do.

Some people have a gift of Gab, but putting pen to paper is not that easy any more, lol maybe it’s the fact that  typing keys is a little more Alien to me than pen to paper, or could it be that my mind is just not willing to work , yes i am a beginner and no matter how many blogs i read and get great ideas, my mind is saying nothing while my fingers just type away words.

I wanted to Blog , not for the fact that every one else does it , but to some what be involved, at my age it’s best to keep up with some of the technical java that is around. I don’t want to be one of those oldies that sits around and doesn’t even know how to turn on a laptop or how to use an iPhone, or how to download music,” look at me i’m some what savvy”.

I will get this Blogging somehow, it’s just a matter of time. Words will come .


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