Starting to get it

Well it’s been a couple of weeks since my last posting and i still couldn’t come up with much to write, my thoughts are very different from actually typing every thing out.

One of most favourite things to do is write, not about any thing in particular, but just to write.

A number of years ago, actually to be exact, just after my first child was born i started to write, especially little stories to keep her entertained and some what teach her how to read.

Simplicity was my key to her learning simple words and some thing a small mind can comprehend.  I could have gone out and bought books but i didn’t, it was more fun to write and have some thing she can always grow up with.

I continued to write as my second child was born and then the twins and then my last child, yes i have 5 children ( well they were children at one point) but now all grown up and having families of their own.

Life never seems to turn out to what you would want it to, but there are paths that every one has their own destination and we  as individual are responsible for our own. My plan was to write stories for kids, for parents to read to them the simple words that most kids understand, yet my path was changed.

It had changed from being a stay at home mum to having to get a job to make sure my kids were fed, schooled and clothed. They were busy kids, they had their sports, school band, choir, after school activities, weekend sports, we would be up at dawn and wouldn’t stop until some time late in the evening.

Now that all the kids are grown up and making their own lives and their own destination i have the time to start writing or maybe publishing the stories, even now with my gran-kids i read the stories i wrote for my kids and they understand them, it’s the simplicity of the words. Maybe it’s the child with me that i can relate, maybe it’s the motherly  thing , i don’t know.

I’m a little scared to read the stories to others because of the rejection,  because of judgement from others, there are so many people out there in the world that all they do is ridicule, judge, scorn, mock, just to name a few. Even with Blogs, there are people out there that just like to tell you how you miss-spelt a word, or you didn’t use the right commas or phrases.  Yet in their  perfect world there always right because they go a degree or because they are more experienced. Maybe that’s why i didn’t want to publish my stories, my poems are the same way, i have written over 200 poems and have only ever tried to publish a few but was scoffed at and that really put me down. The people in this world are cruel and i have learned from this that you have to be cruel to be kind, and even a righteous bitch at times to show some that you can not be walked over. In the past several years i have been asked to publish the stories and some of the poems, may be one day i will, don’t know yet, maybe i’ll just leave it all to my kids and gran kids, maybe i’ll do something like the hallmark cards with it,( wow that’s a lot of maybe’s).


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